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Shown below is the equipment we are using to broadcast the live camera stream shown on the home page and live chat page of this website. Due to our rural location and our love of nature our only option for high-speed internet service is cellular or wireless. This set up without using a relay service can support up to 20 viewers at one time. With a relay service we could support up to 1000 or more viewers at one time. Currently, we are not utilizing a relay service due to the high cost. It took a lot of patience and time to get it all to work as we intended without any technical support from outside companies. We did however, get some moral support and encouragement from other webmasters with similar websites. Our intention was to broadcast the live camera view on to our website without a private or “free” relay service in which we have succeeded.

We hope you enjoy our website.

Update: 1/2009

Due to increased volume of viewers, it has caused the video stream to slow down dramatically. At this point our best solution is to send live images through FTP directly to the site instead of streaming. Using the FTP method the number of viewers at one time is now unlimited.

Mobil Router

Mobil Router

PTZ IP Network camera mounted in

all weather outdoor enclosure with heater and fan

Camera and Enclosure

Cellular Air Card

Cellular Air Card


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